COVID-19 & JetSoftPro
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We understand the COVID-19 situation in the world and have reorganized JetSoftPro so that our employees can work safely. Our employees continue to work remotely, which means we are continuing to provide excellent service to our partners worldwide. Also, we ordered express-tests for COVID-19 to protect our employees and react immediately.

At JetSoftPro we believe  in acting proactively in such a crisis, and doing what’s required to protect the mid- and long-term success in any business. Get in touch with our expert team to learn how IT services and market transparency can help you remain competitive and navigate through the current challenges.

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    Our Company has updated its Privacy policy to be completely GDPR-compliant. We take our best efforts to keep all personal data safe and secure according to the main principles of the GDPR. You can send a request to in case you need more details, or request any actions according to the personal data that we store according to GDPR rules.

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