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Healthcare Smart Watch Application for Elder People




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Client Background

Start-up client Technocare from Kuwait approached us with one of their projects called eCare.

Its aim is to use modern technology such as phone applications and wearable devices (smartwatches and bracelets) to assist people with health conditions, as well as their caregivers, by providing many ways of easy technology care.

Business Challenge

The main challenge was to create a system that consists of two applications, one for the caregiver and another for the elder.

  • The caregiver application shall be provided on a smart mobile phone; the elder application in a smartwatch.
  • Develop iOS and Android versions of the applications and integrate them with a smart mobile phone and eCare smartwatch.


eCare smartwatch designed specifically for elders to allow them to rely on themselves and facilitate their lives through new and innovative ideas and technologies. It has such functions as:

  • Checking route back home
  • Reminders about their daily tasks such as taking medicines, etc.
  • Direct calls, notifications, and safe area alerts, etc.

The smartwatch is accompanied by iOS and Android applications. Through eCare apps, relatives can get peace of mind knowing that they can find out where the elders are and follow their daily status at any time. The project has already participated in accelerators and received a grant from investors.

Value delivered by JetSoftPro

  • UI/UX design
  • Functional native iOS and Android applications for elders and caregivers
  • Smartwatch integration
  • Technical consulting

Project Details

Client’s Goals

Our team implemented the following functionality to the applications:


Caregiver application:


  • Add new elders
  • Pair with elder watch
  • Add reminders to elder
  • Edit elder details
  • View watch status of elder
  • Track Location of elder
  • Notification when elder exit safe area range (geofence)
  • Call and receive calls from elder
  • View application in English and Arabic
  • Receive a notification when elder’s location is changed
  • Create a reminder for elder which will be playing on Watch device
  • Add a voice reminder for reminder that can be reproducible

Elder application:


  • Pair with one caregiver
  • Receive reminders from caregiver
  • View watch status
  • Call and receive calls from caregiver
  • Audible menu in English and Arabic
  • Turn the audible menu on/off
  • Watch way home with the help of an assistant
  • Receive a notification about Prayer time

Through brainstorming during the development phase, our team added new useful features to the application:

  • Improvement of the elder’s and caregiver’s user interfaces
  • Two language interface: application supports both English and Arabic languages
  • Automatic measurement of the elder’s heart rate and notify the caregiver through weekly reports and in case of irregular rate notify the caregiver immediately
  • Possibility for elders to have multiple caregivers with a primary caregiver

Technical implementation

To achieve the client’s goals our team created a system that consists of a caregiver’s application for iOS and Android, and developed a watch application for elders. We improved the elder’s and caregiver’s user interfaces for more comfortable and understandable use of the applications. The functionality of the applications was developed with Ruby (Ruby on Rails) and Objective-C strictly due to the client’s requirements and descriptions. Team composition: 2 Android developers, 1 iOS developer, 1 RoR Backend developer, 1 Manual QA specialist, 1 PM.

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