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The software development industry has undergone a rapid paradigm shift due to cutting-edge technologies such as augmented and virtual reality. These innovations have revolutionized the digital and marketing landscape. JetSoftPro is a company that offers comprehensive software solutions for startups, ISV, SMB, and various business models. The GoodFirms research team recently interviewed JetSoftPro’s founder, Serhiy Kharytonov, to gain deeper insights into his unique business model. Please find an excerpt from the interview below.

JetSoftPro is a well-known software development company that utilizes the Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC) approach. This approach allows them to take projects from ideation to software implementation, integration, production setup, support, and digital marketing. They improve the quality and security framework by analyzing usage data for each new iteration.

The company has certifications in ISO27001, ISO9001, CMMI Level 3, GDPR and SOC2. They have a skilled R&D team that proactively works towards fulfilling their client’s goals and objectives. The team is committed to providing efficient and effective solutions that surpass customer expectations.

JetSoftPro has over 15 years of global experience in tech outsourcing with 200+ professionals and clients. They are recognized as one of New York’s top augmented reality and virtual reality companies by GoodFirms.

The GoodFirms team had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Serhiy Kharytonov, the founder and CEO of JetSoftPro, to gain insights into the company and its values.

Let’s start with the interview.

JetSoftPro Was Established With The Involvement Of Mr. Serhiy Kharytonov, Who Plays A Significant Role In The Company’s Operations

Mr. Kharytonov shared that he had over 30 years of experience working in C-level positions at companies such as SoftServe and ELEKS before founding JetSoftPro. Throughout his career, he has contributed to the software industry with his technical expertise and helped businesses grow in their respective domains.

JetSoftPro’s founder believed traditional IT outsourcing could be more effective. To attract top talent, the company needed to be unique. He sought an exceptional team to provide business solutions by writing code collaboratively, combining creativity, accountability, ownership, and responsibility for excellent results.

As the founder and CEO of JetSoftPro, he leads the company with a revolutionary vision for outsourcing software development. He strongly emphasizes building a solid client partnership and ensuring effective collaboration to deliver advanced tech solutions. He guides his team to follow this business approach, making the client partnership more efficient and successful.

Multiple Business Models And Competitive Advantages

Mr. Kharytonov mentioned that the company offers various business models such as dedicated team, time and material, solution-based, and fixed cost. Their experienced R&D team supports the development teams to bring satisfactory results.

JetSoftPro is a company that provides teams with customized tasks based on their clients’ requirements. They offer timely delivery and reasonable rates. Their reliable organizational structure ensures hassle-free management of work operations. This allows their clients to focus on other essential tasks while the company handles everything from team composition to marketing during product launch.

While working on a project, they pay close attention to detail to avoid legal issues, cybersecurity threats, communication challenges, and fluctuations in market value. This sets them apart from their competitors.

JetSoftPro Specializes In Providing Digital Transformative Services Across Various Industries

Mr. Kharytonov stated that the company provides services to various industries listed below:

⦁ Drones, Embedded & IoT
⦁ Real-Time and Mission Critical Niches
⦁ Artificial Intelligent
⦁ Military IT Services
⦁ BI, Big Data, Data Lake, Data Science
⦁ Cybersecurity
⦁ Renewable Energy
⦁ FinTech, Banking, and Insurance
⦁ HealthTech
⦁ EduTech
⦁ Automotive
⦁ Media & Entertainment
⦁ Transportation & Logistics
⦁ High Load Telecom, Cloud and Mobile Distributed Services

JetSoftPro offers various software development services, including website and mobile app development, business automation solutions, security solutions, research and development for military drones, and artificial intelligence. Additionally, the company provides digital marketing services for new products.

Clear And Open Communication And Exceptional Customer Service Lead To Ultimate Satisfaction

According to Mr. Kharytonov, the company’s high rating on GoodFirms is due to its commitment, dedication, and excellent client collaboration. They have completed many complex projects and consistently deliver satisfactory results, which has helped them build strong partnerships with their clients.

He mentioned that each client is assigned an account manager who regularly communicates with them and handles technical and organizational matters according to industry standards. The company’s transparent communication process includes call support every week or two, allowing clients to receive regular updates and feedback at every project stage.

JetSoftPro proudly showcases remarkable communication support and faster delivery on GoodFirms, as evidenced by glowing client reviews.

A Flexible Payment Structure That Tailored To Meet Client’s Budget Needs

During the discussion, Mr. Kharytonov explained the payment structure, which offers different options based on the client’s requirements. The company prioritizes client convenience by understanding their business needs, tracking the team’s workload, and monitoring real-time progress. Typically, their clients opt for monthly payment plans based on the project’s performance.

According to him, the company’s budget needs vary depending on the type of project, and their pricing is affordable for both small and large projects. Typically, clients approach them for projects lasting between 3 to 12 months. The company follows a one-stop-shop approach and can handle any complex task while providing unmatched assistance in budgeting.

The Incredible Confidence And Commitment Towards The Upcoming Decade

Mr. Kharytonov shared his vision for the next ten years. The main objective is to provide a scalable outsourcing business model similar to Uber’s. The company will continue to improve its automation processes, enabling them to connect with customers and developers more efficiently. This will allow them to maintain control over every stage of the development process, ensuring code quality, security, performance, efficiency, robust architecture, and infrastructure.

He is confident that this future business initiative will influence the industry with artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality development that involves low-code and no-code platforms that boost the global economy.

The detailed interview is available on GoodFirms.

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