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Development Of Mobile Game


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Robots, IoT & Embedded Development
UI/UX Design


QA & Testing
Mobile Application Development


Android & Xamarine
MonoGame framework
Photon (Turnbased and Chat)
Visual Studio 2013
Word Dictionary Service


Media & Entertainment

Client Background

A game development studio based in the US.

Business Challenge

Create a fresh new mobile game based on the well-known Scrabble game. However, the new game had to be almost entirely different from its predecessor with new features that made gameplay faster and more exciting.


Our team created the game for the iOS platform. This version could be quickly implemented for Android if needed. The game required new complex rules and our team satisfied all of them: time limits, word checking, spelling and word definitions, as well as allowing the players to challenge each other.

Value delivered by JetSoftPro

  • Game with the complex logic and rules
  • Functional mobile application for gaming
  • Responsive UI/UX design

Project Details

Client’s Goals

The primary goal was to bring a new experience to the famous Scrabble game. The new game would be more complicated and more exciting for game lovers.

The players would be limited by time. All the words that were chosen by the players could be checked in a dictionary. If a player suspected that his opponent entered an incorrect word, he could challenge him to show that the word was in the dictionary, spelled correctly, and that he knew the definition of the word. Points would be won or lost depending on who won the challenge.

For these purposes our team performed the following tasks:

  • created a user-friendly interface to attract new users
  • developed mobile applications for different iOS devices with the ability to create an Android version
  • implemented dictionary services to meet the rules of the game

Technical implementation

Our team developed the first version of the game within a month. It was open to Facebook users on iOS devices. OpenGL technology was used to make an attractive interface. This made it easy to have the same code for the Android and to add new features to the game if needed. We developed proper scoring logic as well as the opportunity for players to purchase bonus words. The game features could be easily changed by the client according to users’ feedback.

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