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Food Services

Innovation in foodservice technology should be an essential, long-term component of your business strategy. There is a huge level of competition in the food services industry, therefore, in order to be competitive and stand out from your competition, it is necessary to involve technologies permanently. The majority of foodservice businesses do not have research and development laboratories. At present, the innovations in equipment design and layout, packaging, and service techniques are of a defensive or reactive nature. Novel foodservice processes can evolve with the adoption of technological breakthroughs in high-tech fields of the economy. We offer a unique approach to creating high-quality digital products in the Food Service industry that will help you stand out.
  • Wholesale food distribution software
  • Customer service
  • Supply Chain Management


Calories tracker app

How easy it would be to maintain your shape if you didn't have to constantly count calories! This app will do all the calculations for you. All you need to do is take a photo of your food, and it will calculate its nutritional value and make sure you don't overeat. In other words, if you have such an app, your wife can spend more time on her own interests.

Freedge App

How often do you buy groceries that you will never eat and then throw them away? With the Freedge app, you can scan the products already in your fridge and receive recipes that require no additional purchases. This is environmentally friendly and aligns with the concept of conscious consumption. The AI analyzes the contents of your refrigerator based on images and can provide solutions even for bachelor fridges with only ketchup and oil.



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