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BJET: ERP System Based on ODOO for Enterprises




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Client Background

BJet ERP is a new generation of accounting, tax, management, and reporting systems created by JetSoftPro team. An integrated tool for managing your business performance, BJet easily adapts to the needs of any business.

Business Challenge

JetSoftPro needed to simplify and optimize business operations, replacing 1C for company accounting and management with a new system adapted to the reality of business processes. It was necessary to create software that would integrate with over 50 systems, automatically monitor contracts and payments, and provide 24/7 employee support.


BJet is our product based on Odoo. It offers all tools for the financial management of a company in one kit. The flexibility of the system makes it adjustable for solving your specific business tasks, and owing to the speed, ease of use, and reliability, BJet becomes an effective tool in your everyday work.

The system analyzes income and expenses of items in real-time. It also controls contracts and payments. The received information quickly forms in reports and graphs. It features convenient and fast reports in two clicks (P&L, Cashflow, Balance Sheet).

BJet and its modules can be used to make tracking and monitoring your remote employees easier. It tends to build upon the present functionalities and inculcate enhancements in them to suit your business.

Value delivered by JetSoftPro

  • A comprehensive cloud solution for business development and management
  • Integrated tool that adapts for any type of business
  • Multilevel real-time analytics

Project Details

Client’s Goals

This business management software helps you to track your income and expenses at any time. Whether you are an IT company or a manufacturer, this platform was fully customized to your specific business needs.

The system automatically monitors contractors and payments and then generates reports as well as dashboard items based on input data so that users can have complete visibility into their finances 24/7.

BJet can also perform the following business tasks:

  • Provide appropriate access for work-from-home employees
  • Create daily, weekly, and monthly tasks for remote employees
  • Monitor tasks and attendance of the employees
  • Submit daily work reports for the work-from-home employees with the BJet daily work reports module
  • Share, send, categorize, and archive scanned documents
  • Keep all accounting records

Technical implementation

BJet is a modern, easily-scaled ERP system based on the Odoo framework. BJet is oriented to a few domains and can allow the client to customize and extend the BJet core with needed modules. Bjet lives in the Azure cloud, so it is the easy-to-start and ready-to-go solution. Bjet system consists of three main components: 1. PostgreSQL database server, which contains all Bjet databases. 2. The Bjet Server contains all the enterprise logic and ensures that Bjet runs optimally. One layer of the server is dedicated to communicating and interfacing with the PostgreSQL database, the ORM engine. Another layer allows communications between the server and a web browser, the Web layer. 3. JavaScript application. The database server and the Bjet server can be installed on the same computer, or distributed onto separate computer servers, for example, for performance considerations.

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