Chatbot Development: What You Need to Know?

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40% of internet users would rather talk to a chatbot than a human agent.   

It happens because the chatbot’s algorithm allows getting an answer immediately, even during non-working hours.   

The main goal of chatbot development is to provide a better customer experience.   

A chatbot is a computer program based on neural networks and machine learning technologies, which can be used to communicate in audio or text format.   

It is an artificial intelligence software that simulates interactive human conversation using a key, pre-calculated user phrases, and audio or text signals.   

By using chatbots, companies will significantly reduce response time and interaction through emails, messages, and other types of communication. The chatbot will also bring the potential client into the sales funnel through CRM, which means that the chatbot will sell your services without additional attention. Juniper Research predicts that consumers and businesses will save more than 2.5 billion hours by 2023! 

What Are The Types Of Chatbots Algorithm?

There is chatbot software based on scenarios. Communicating with them allows the client to order a product without transitions to the site, catalog, and shopping cart.  

Some bots work based on NLP (natural language processing). Clients do not even suspect communicating with a virtual assistant, not with a human. In addition, chatbots that communicate using voice (Siri or Alexa) are actively developing. It gives a feeling of live communication.   

Chatbots have many benefits for businesses. For example, it saves time, gives capabilities, simplifications, and personalized service, and helps customers get support faster. One chatbot algorithm can manage both 10 and 1000 customers. At the same time, the sales department should increase in proportion to the growth in the number of customers.  

Create Me, If You Dare: The Most Popular Services For Creating Chatbots

Now many different platforms allow you to create a chatbot for the platform suited to your features.   

Platforms vary in complexity. The easiest option is to work according to a ready-made scheme that you adapt to yourself. Some more complex services offer to create a chatbot like a Lego constructor: you can add or remove elements. In services for pros, you need to have a basic knowledge of code.   

Here are five well-known services for robot development:   

  • Pandorabot   

This robot software is the most popular constructor for creating chatbots. The service has the highest rating in many selections and received the Loebner Prize five times. You need to know how to code to make a good chatbot flow. The main drawback is the lack of machine learning.   

  • Tidio   

This chatbot combines live chat and chatbot tools. You can create your conversation script without coding in an intuitive visual editor. Tidio connects to all leading websites and platforms through custom integration. A nice bonus is the “forever” free trial version.   

It provides a conversational AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) chatbot to help you improve your customer interactions.   

  • Mobile Monkey   

This platform makes it easy to create a bot through visualization. Chatbot elements in Mobile Monkey are called widgets, and the program provides a wide range of components to build your chatbot. Unfortunately, it is impossible to understand user intent and use entities.    

  • Chatbot Drift   

It is a live chat and chatbot solution aimed at B2B companies. It offers live chat, chatbots, and email marketing solutions. The great thing about this resource is that you don’t need to code.   


It is a platform that works with the human voice. The app can be used in any app or device to take natural language input from users and turn it into commands. But this chatbot provider is primarily for developers who can build bots with code.   

Make The Customer Special   

Despite a large number of benefits, popular services for chatbot development have significant disadvantages. It is minimal customization of chatbots and hassles to integrate chatbot data with your CRM system.    

The number of chatbots is constantly growing, making business communication similar. It would help if you had a bot built for your needs to stand out. Only development “from scratch” can make it.   

Four markers that determine the need to create your chatbot:   

  1. you want to automate your work with customers as much as possible;  
  2. the company has few sales managers; 
  3. you plan to scale the business; 
  4. customers need convenience and modern service.  

How Is Chatbot Software Created? 

  1. Idea  

Creating a chatbot, like anything else, starts with an idea. You must clearly understand what goals the chatbot will achieve and how its involvement will improve processes in your company.   

  1. Design, platform, and scenarios  

Meet by appearance. The chatbot needs to come up with a name and style that will be similar to corporate ones. In addition, you need to make a list of questions and options for answers to them. It is called a script.   

  1. Machine learning, where the developer creates and tests scripts.  
  2. Backend developer creating a repository and database. It is also worth making IP sockets that collect data from the access point  
  3. Creating a target list in CRM to collect data and contacts.  

Six and constant is the development and improvement of the chatbot based on the analysis of the collected data to improve customer interaction.   

Who Should Be On The Chatbot Development Team?

We know from experience that it takes at least three employees to create chatbot software. There are a designer or a frontend developer, a backend developer, and a developer that connects the chatbot with the CRM system.   

It is perfect when you involve in robot development:   

  • the Mashing Learning team;  
  • JavaScript developer (for the frontend part);   
  • Node .js developer (for the backend part); 
  • QA;   
  • Angular developer (synchronization with CRM (send data to CRM));   
  • PHP developer (create a new target list for chatbot).  


Don’t say you haven’t thought about creating a chatbot for your company! 

Automated work with customers and employees is not a distant technical achievement – it is what we use here and now. 

We can create a chatbot for you or answer any questions you may have. Please email us for details. 

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