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Client Background

Our client is one of the biggest global providers of integrated microwave routing solutions, with over 1,000 employees around the world and 70+ years of industry experience.

Business Challenge

Our client faced a challenge with resource and project management. Historically, they stored all information about projects, assignments, and human resources in Excel spreadsheets. The client used Excel as the main project management and planning tool, which was inefficient and didn’t provide an opportunity to manage the business effectively. The company needed a more straightforward, automated, and stable real-time management system for allocating their employees’ workload.


Our team created an intranet application that allowed managers to handle the resource, project, and financial management processes effectively.

Value delivered by JetSoftPro

  • A digital business transformation that included business process changes, educational processes, and new technology implementation

Project Details

Client’s Goals

The client’s primary goal was business process improvement through a new technology solution. For effective management, the company needed to store information about employees, project assignment, accounting, and project resources along with the need for quick access to the data, to track potential problems, and solve them rapidly.

Technical implementation

To ensure the exchange between the browser and the server, SignalR was used to encapsulate several methods of live communication, one of which was WebSocket. We also used Knockout and implemented MVVM pattern to ensure business logic on the client side. Our team offered many ideas for more convenient page navigation and general website logic for optimizing data selection. The client received real-time editing with useful visualization of changes. To optimize and accelerate the interface we used Bootstrap 3.0 that contained a significant amount of ready to use pop-ups, markings, etc.

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