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Client Background

Our client has experience in growing brands in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, and has decided to create a platform to share this experience with other early-stage brands.

Business Challenge

The primary challenge for the business was to finalize the development of the platform and launch it within a tight timeline to enable initial users to test it and provide feedback.

The platform required the implementation of various plugins, enabling users to access social media-like features such as a newsfeed, photo sharing, likes, and comments.

Furthermore, the Stripe payment system needed to be integrated into the platform to provide subscription-based services and facilitate payment transactions.


We created a platform that connects Brands & Investors, so they can communicate and share their own experience by creating posts, comments, and likes, etc. All you have to do is buy a subscription and you can communicate with brands/investors and search for a win-win collaboration.

We accomplish this by facilitating more efficient access to capital via discovery, connection, communication, information exchange, and relationship building between business builders and capital resources.

Value delivered by JetSoftPro

  • Software Product Development
  • SaaS Solution Provided
  • Payment System Integration

Project Details

Client’s Goals

We implemented a SaaS Solution for our US Customer’s business startup – a platform for connecting brands and investors, like the combination of Linkedin and Facebook, so they could communicate, create posts, comment, and like them, etc. Hosting is on AWS, and the platform accepts only specific regions. All you need is to buy a subscription, and you can communicate with brands/investors and search for win/win collaboration.

We integrated the Stripe API payment system and Stripe WebHooks for monthly and annual subscriptions. We decided to implement Stripe because of the simple admin panel and secure testing mode. Also, we have provided promo code functionality with free trial periods and discount features for subscriptions.

Technical implementation

BrandJectory was created by using Oxwall, an open-source social network platform, which supports a variety of community-driven websites, from narrow fan clubs and local communities to extended social network portals. It was designed and developed with a creative approach pursuing one purpose: to allow people to work with the communities as smoothly as possible. Oxwall has a modular architecture that supports the scaling possibilities of a platform. Also, it has an event-driven architecture that helps to interact between plugins and the platform core. The main technology stack is PHP7.2, MySQL 5.2, and jQuery.

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