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The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic led to a sudden shift in the dynamics of workforce behavior.
More and more developers were required to work-from-home on very short notice. While that initially was disrupting, the developers’ productivity did not decrease, in fact, there has been recorded an increase in productivity when they were working at home.

At the same time, IT departments continued to support their organizations by developing new business capabilities. Traditionally, IT organizations increased their capabilities through a mix of internal employees and outside resources. The external resources were typically split between staff augmentation contractors and hired consulting teams.

In order to maintain business-as-usual and ensure productive IT operations, you might consider hiring remote developers from top-notch off-shore companies. They can communicate as efficiently as your at-home employees and will cost a fraction of the US hourly wage rate.

Team Augmentation

Staff Augmentation Before COVID-19

Traditionally, IT organizations have used staff augmentation to supplement their employee base and as a first step in hiring new employees. Previously, you could bring staff resources onsite and orient them to your company. You could put them on an existing team, have them absorb your methods, and learn what needs to be done by an existing member of your team. Pre COVID-19, this made perfect sense and could be an efficient approach to supplement internal expertise and capacity.

Staff Augmentation During COVID-19

With the prevalence of myriad communication platforms, team augmentation is easily accomplished with remote resources, and is used to fill technical knowledge gaps. Whatever the case, these developers provide the critical skills required when they’re needed most. With team augmentation, enterprises can easily find software engineers and expand their in-house technical expertise and resources. These teams are increasingly in demand and popular across high growth industries around the world. Engaging with team augmentation can last up to 24 months and beyond that offers a great opportunity and highly flexible long-term resources.

The benefits of Staff Augmentation:

  • A fully flexible resource
  • Simple scalability opportunities
  • Increase your knowledge base:
  1. Allows you to scale your business faster
  2. Saves money
  3. Creates a competitive edge
  4. Offers operational efficiency
  5. Allows you to hire on the fly

Why You Should Seriously Start Thinking About Software Development Outsourcing Now?

Outsourcing your important projects to the right organization can make all the difference in your business. It might be the only hurdle left between you and all your impending business goals. In our opinion, the benefits of software development outsourcing are numerous, few of which have been explained below.

What are the Advantages of Virtual Teams During COVID-19 Epidemic?

  • Safety is Priority
  • Ease of Management
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Improved Work Quality and Productivity

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