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Technology market layoffs: figures, facts, volumes

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The technology industry has long been considered a stronghold of employment and innovation. However, recent years have seen significant shifts in the job market and mass technology market layoffs. Let’s delve into the current state of employment and unemployment in the technology industry, exploring figures, facts, and trends that shape the landscape. 

The Current Situation in the Technology Job Market 

In 2022, the technology industry faced mass layoffs, which significantly impacted the labor market. The total number of layoffs in the technology sector amounted to over 240,000 individuals. Major companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, Meta, and Zoom implemented large-scale workforce reductions. This situation created serious challenges both for the industry itself and for individual professionals. 

In 2023, the number of layoffs continued to rise and reached 262,735 individuals. This was 50% higher than the previous year. Mature companies continued to massively reduce their staff, and startups also announced cutbacks. 

Currently, in 2024, some signs of stabilization are beginning to emerge in the technology job market. There has been a decrease in the number of layoffs and the emergence of new job openings. Approximately 178,000 new vacancies were added in January 2024 alone. This provides companies with an opportunity to attract experienced professionals who have been unemployed in previous years and leverage their potential for implementing new projects and achieving business goals. 

Consequences of Layoffs in the Technology Industry 

Layoffs in the technology industry have led to a range of consequences, surprisingly advantageous for businesses: 

Reduction in labor costs 

Mass layoffs have increased the supply of specialists in the technology job market, thereby reducing the cost of their services. This creates conditions for companies to lower their expenses on salaries and labor resources. 

Increased competition for jobs 

With the growing number of unemployed specialists in the technology job market, competition for available programming roles has significantly intensified. This poses additional challenges for those seeking new employment opportunities but provides more choice for business. 

Shift in career paths 

The least prepared and capable developers lose the competitive struggle and are forced to change their field of activity, which contributes to the growth of professionalism in the industry. 

Well, it seems that now business dictates the rules in the technology market, which means that you will benefit more and faster from outsourcing than ever before. 

How to Stabilize Software Development in a Volatile Market 

The market is shaking, and you need to continue earning money from your product and, of course, improving it with new developments. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to take measures to stabilize the software development process and ensure the successful implementation of projects.  

Your inbox is full of CVs, making it more difficult for you to assemble a team because your vision is clouded by temptations of $5/hr “no name” offers. This chaos is typical for every market during the stabilization phase, and you shouldn’t suffer losses because of it. JetSoftPro will assist you with an accurate project cost assessment, conduct discovery to plan and estimate the exact scope of tasks and select the best programmers at the best price, ensuring confidence in the solution you’ll receive as a result. 

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