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Steps by chance. How software developers trick tech companies to polish their soft skills

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Ukraine is one of the leading countries in providing software development outsourcing services. Despite the war, this market continues to develop. Most Ukrainian companies target the Western market, largely due to mental proximity and shared values. At the same time, Ukrainian developers often feel a shortage of soft skills, which would allow them to have a more competitive position in the market. 

The technical skills of Ukrainian developers, the ability to work hard for results, and the readiness to seek creative solutions for complex challenges are well known worldwide. However, there is a group of soft skills that most industry representatives still need to develop further. 

We were curious to explore the methods Ukrainian developers choose to become more attractive service providers, and we noticed a phenomenon: they go to job interviews without the intention of getting a job but to practice soft skills. We created a questionnaire to learn more about this trend and unexpectedly found another level of the problem – the industry is developing blindly. The average developer poorly understands the market dynamics and lacks up-to-date information about the technology sphere. As a result, many of them feel unconfident and lose the competitive battle for clients, despite being capable of delivering the desired results at a technical level. Currently, most developers are addressing this issue independently – once again, through job interviews. 

Such an approach, on the one hand, slows down the industry’s development and, on the other hand, forces companies to spend more on recruitment, which turns into a center for providing market information to individual seekers. We invite you to delve into the details and study this situation further. 

Key Findings 

  1. 74% of tech professionals are actively improving their soft skills.
  2. 54% of tech professionals are enhancing their soft skills through online courses and webinars. This is surprising, as these skills are typically considered practical.
  3. Among the key soft skills in which employees feel confident, leadership qualities stand out at 44%. At the same time, only 6% mentioned initiative and 5% mentioned empathy among their soft skills, which indicates a lack of clear understanding of soft skills concepts among the tech specialists.
  4. Over a quarter (27%) of tech specialists attend job interviews without the intention of further employment. This means that 27% of recruitment expenses allocated to interviews are spent in vain.
  5. Only 51% of tech specialists are satisfied with the level of support for the development of soft skills in their companies.
  6. Only a quarter of employees (25%) are ready to continue working in a company that does not invest in the development of their soft skills.

Overview of the soft skills landscape in the Ukrainian tech sector 

Soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, adaptability, and problem-solving, have become crucial factors in the hiring process within the tech industry, which is why they are also called core skills. 

As a result, 93% of tech professionals consistently or occasionally highlight their soft skills on their CVs. Among the skills in which employees feel confident, teamwork and time management lead the way at 67%. Leadership qualities are notable for 44% of respondents, while only 6% emphasize initiative and 5% mention empathy. This suggests a potential lack of a clear understanding of the concept of soft skills among tech specialists in Ukraine. 


This can be explained by the fact that half of Ukrainian tech companies neglect the development of soft skills of their employees. Only 51% of tech specialists are satisfied with the level of support for the development of soft skills in their companies. This forces specialists to look for alternative, not always optimal methods of improving their skills. 

Tech companies

Beat the system: What methods do tech professionals use for developing their soft skills? 

74% of Ukrainian tech professionals are actively improving their soft skills. Online courses and webinars emerge as the most favored avenues for developing soft skills, as indicated by 54% of respondents. 48% of tech specialists choose practical experience, citing communication with colleagues as an effective personal development method.  

Coach sessions, as a method for soft skills development, do not enjoy significant popularity among Ukrainian tech professionals. This is attributed to the relatively high cost of coaching services in Ukraine, which can reach up to $1000 for a 4-day intensive session. Only 21% of tech workers are willing to invest in a coach, even though the median income for tech specialists reached $2,630 in 2023. 

Methods to develop soft skills

Seeking a cost-efficient yet impactful method to improve soft skills, developers have devised a creative approach. Over a quarter of tech professionals (27%) have engaged in job interviews without the intent of getting a job, but rather to enhance their confidence and soft skills. 

Here are 5 main reasons why this unique trend is gaining popularity within the Ukrainian tech community: 

  • Job interviews are free to attend. 
  • Instead of spending hours listening to webinars, tech specialists can boost their soft skills in just one hour through a recruiter interview. 
  • You can develop a set of various important soft skills at once, including communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and self-promotion skills. 
  • It provides an opportunity to receive high-quality feedback from an experienced industry expert. 
  • This is an opportunity to find out what is currently in demand in the market. 

“I believe that attending job interviews can not only improve my soft skills but also help me stay sharp, understand market demands, and learn how to present myself.” – The respondent shared.

What consequences could this have for tech companies? 

Approximately 27% of your financial and time investment in conducting job interviews is wasted! For instance, to fill one position, you engage with 5 recruiters who create job postings, distribute them across various platforms, sift through applicants, and conduct 20-30 interviews. As a result, a quarter of the time is spent filtering out non-target candidates who simply show up for self-improvement and to obtain relevant information about the tech market. For instance, at JetSoftPro, we spend approximately 33 days to hire a candidate. A quarter of these – more than 8 days – will be an obligatory payment for the blind market our company navigates in. 

Hiring process at tech company JetSoftPro

Unveiling new risks of neglecting soft skills development 

Your company risks losing up to 75% of its employees! Only a quarter of tech specialists are willing to stay with a company that neglects the development of their soft skills Moreover, offering such employees’ services to other companies will be a challenging task for you. 


JetSoftPro’s best practices: Your guide to transforming market dynamics 

At JetSoftPro, we deeply understand the value that polished soft skills add to tech professionals. That’s why we have created a comprehensive employee development approach right from the outset of our company’s existence. 

Our best practices could be beneficial for you as well:  

  • We’ve developed JetLMS, our unique virtual eLearning system. Within this platform, employees can choose courses based on their interests.  
  • We regularly conduct interactive training sessions focused on specific soft skills. For example, in 2023, we organized 32 training courses with JetSoftPro professionals and specially invited experts. 
  • Our mentorship program allows every employee to find an experienced mentor who can guide and support their development. 
  • We’ve launched the Speakers Club, an internal service aimed at preparing professional speakers. 
  • We offer free English courses under the guidance of professional instructors. These classes are conducted twice a week in small groups, with a maximum of five participants. Every six months, we assess the students’ proficiency. 
  • Our Performance Review Process enables the evaluation of an employee’s professional achievements over a specific period. It helps identify strengths and areas for growth, receive valuable feedback, and establish goals for professional development within the company. 
  • We regularly share market insights with our employees to ensure everyone stays up to date with the latest industry trends. 
  • We conduct specialized interviews for our employees to prepare them for client interviews. 


In Ukraine’s tech landscape, the unconventional use of job interviews for soft skills development underscores a crucial industry gap. Despite 74% of professionals actively seeking improvement, companies lag in providing adequate support. By investing in e-learning platforms, interactive training, mentorship programs, and market insights, companies can empower their workforce, staying attuned to market demands and securing a competitive edge in the dynamic tech sphere. 

The key lesson: investing in soft skills is not just an individual effort but a pivotal factor for tech industry growth and sustained success.  


JetSoftPro conducted a survey of 100 tech professionals in Ukraine through the DOU platform and tech communities on Facebook and LinkedIn.  The survey data was collected in February 2024. 


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