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JetEx, Chrome Extension for Recruitment




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Client Background

As an expert in software development outsourcing, JetSoftPro offers the Jet Staffing Concept, ensuring clients have their first CVs within 5 days. To enable this, our company developed a specialized tool JetEx for our recruiters, aiming to automate candidate management and streamline communication with clients looking for additional software development outsourcing opportunities.  

Business Challenge

Recruiters previously invested approximately 20 minutes in manually processing each candidate’s information within the HRMS database which is also our product as part of JetSoftPro business automation ecosystem. We aimed to diminish the time spent during prescreening stage when searching for software engineers and enhance the scalability of candidate processing for each recruiter daily.

We needed to establish a system integrated with various candidate databases, including social media, facilitating swift searches for potential new employees and acquisition of their details for recruitment purposes.



We developed a Chrome browser extension that significantly amplifies daily data processing capabilities. Our innovative solution JetEx is tailored to aid recruiters in identifying potential candidates and maintaining communication with them via JetPeople, our corporate Human Resources Management System.

JetEx empowers recruiters to add candidates into the HRM system automatically. Moreover, it collects candidates’ CVs, thereby saving recruiters valuable time.

Value delivered by JetSoftPro

  • Automation of recruitment processes
  • Scaling the number of candidates for vacancies
  • Efficient management for extensive recruitment teams

Project Details

JetEx features a statistics block, furnishing JetSoftPro recruiters with insightful analyses of their workflow efficiency, thereby enabling workflow optimization and enhanced productivity.

Furthermore, JetEx offers a reminder feature, allowing recruiters to manage candidates according to their unique specifications.

Technical implementation

Angular was selected as the front-end framework to construct an advanced user interface of JetEx. We utilized Queues for organizing data imports. For server-side operations, we opted for NodeJS as the core engine, leveraging its scalability, high performance, and extensive library of modules. Additionally, we used Social Media Platforms API layers to interact with candidates' databases and execute various functions such as data extraction and account management within JetSoftPro human management infrastructure.

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