Navigating the Top 24 Business Trends to follow in 2024

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Get ready to dive into the exciting world of business trends for 2024 with JetSoftPro. We’re all about making things simple and accessible, so join us on this journey where we break down the cool stuff that’s going to shape how businesses run in the upcoming year. Think of it as your go-to guide to understanding what’s hot in tech, what customers are into, and how to steer your business in the right direction. So, let’s get started!

Trend #1: Authenticity 

Amidst the AI boom, consumers are increasingly valuing authentic content and solutions. Balancing automation with human-related authenticity is crucial in 2024. 

Trend #2: Automation of Repetitive Tasks 

In 2024, the trend continues towards automating templated processes with minimal variations. This includes tasks like cold outreach, invoicing, and analytical processes, enhancing efficiency in business operations. 

Trend #3: Hyper-Personalized Approach 

The trend of hyper-personalization, using AI to address individuals in videos and presentations, remains relevant in 2024. However, the emphasis is on automating such personalization for scalability. 

Trend #4: Quick Solutions 

Time is of the essence. In 2024, customers expect solutions from the initial contact. Businesses are advised to invest in pre-prepared communication strategies, offering multiple solutions during live contact for customer convenience. 

Trend #5: Sustainable Business Practices 

Sustainability will evolve beyond a buzzword in 2024, becoming a fundamental aspect of business strategy. Companies are expected to showcase environmental responsibility through eco-friendly initiatives and ethical sourcing, meeting the increasing consumer demand for sustainable products and services. 

Trend #6: Remote Work Optimization 

Post-COVID, the focus shifts to optimizing remote work environments in 2024. Businesses will invest in technologies for seamless collaboration and performance monitoring, balancing productivity with employee well-being in the evolving landscape of remote work. 

Despite the geographical distances that may separate your teams, the emphasis remains on ensuring optimal performance, as if they were working side by side. 

Trend #7: Employee qualification gap 

This trend is characterized by the intentional formation of teams comprising 1-2 seasoned professionals of extraordinary expertise and 8-10 junior specialists. This intentional mix aims to transfer expertise from the top-tier professionals to nurture emerging talent. Organizations are strategically closing the skills gap, optimizing top-tier skills, and cultivating a pipeline of project-ready professionals through on-the-job learning. This trend signifies a proactive approach to talent development, ensuring organizations are well-equipped for the future while fostering a collaborative learning environment. Stay tuned for more insights on this strategic evolution in team composition. 

Trend #8: Redefining Perks 

The traditional model of entertaining and pampering developers with intangible bonuses is undergoing a transformation. Today, developers aren’t just tasked with delivering outstanding results—they also enjoying more freedom in return. As organizations raise the bar, demanding heightened commitment and productivity, developers are reciprocated with greater autonomy and flexibility. This shift isn’t merely a reduction in traditional perks; it’s a strategic effort to cultivate a dynamic and reciprocal relationship. Companies understand that while getting increased freedom, developers feel a sense of ownership and dedication, surpassing the allure of traditional intangible bonuses. 

Trend #9: Elevating Business Acumen 

As automation streamlines routine tasks, the role of human workers is evolving. There’s a rising demand for employees with a deep business understanding, capable of making decisions impacting client success. In a tech-driven world, skills like strategic thinking and problem-solving are increasingly vital. Organizations are investing in developing workforce business acumen, offering training to enhance skills beyond traditional roles. Stay tuned as we explore how this shift reshapes the workforce, emphasizing holistic business understanding for client success. 

Trend #10: Fortifying Cybersecurity 

Recognizing the growing sophistication of cyber threats, organizations invest in thorough employee training to heighten awareness and empower personnel against potential threats. This trend also prioritizes robust system protection, implementing proactive measures and advanced technologies to fortify resilience against cyber threats and errors. 

Trend #11 Startup Quick Launch, Swift Sale

Teams in the startups used to be united under one idea and even worked on it for a couple of years. Today, startups are seen more like an investment opportunity. Companies strive to create products that meet market needs, prove their potential to investors, and then sell them, creating a foundation for new ideas. This dynamic opens new opportunities for tech companies capable of fast prototype creation and making startups run smoothly within two-three months.   

Trend #12 Common cultural background 

When it comes to software development partnership communication is always vital, but companies now have less time to grasp information. This has led to an increasing need for a shared cultural background with development teams to bridge the understanding gap. It goes beyond using the correct words or understanding cultural nuances; it’s about being on the same page. 

Trend #13 Shrinking Distances in Global Development   

Developers’ expertise is growing worldwide, and more countries are seizing the opportunity to export their development services. Clients, in response, prefer hiring teams that are geographically closer to them. This preference is often influenced by time zone compatibility, language proficiency, and cultural similarities. 

Trend #14 “Low-weight” Apps for Every Smartphone  

In the last ten years, popular apps required high-tech smartphones, which restricted their user accessibility. However, in 2024, there is a move towards simplicity, allowing these apps to be installed on budget-friendly and older smartphones. Apps featuring a sleek and balanced design, minimal animation, fewer visual elements, and clean code are currently trending. 

Trend #15 Defense Innovation Investments   

After recent conflicts such as the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine, the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the potential invasion of China into Taiwan, defense strategies are changing. Drones, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity are now crucial in this field. Many companies are noticing this shift and investing more in advanced defense solutions. Just have a look at the numbers. Ukraine currently needs drone kamikazes and the current market proposition can cover only 30% of requests, so this is a huge room for investment and new product development with the real-time market request. The same situation with radio location systems, demining robots, and mapping applications as well.   

Trend #16 Intuitive Design Rise 

User guides are no longer needed in the age of intuitive design. Software developers should integrate training directly into the program, understanding that users prefer learning on the go instead of dedicating time to formal tutorials. Your App has a much higher chance of gaining popularity if the user can navigate it without any additional guidens. 

Trend #17 Customer-First Approach 

Looking ahead to 2024, it’s all about putting users first to win the race in the business world. For startups, it’s crucial to really listen to what customers are saying in their genuine reviews. Take that feedback seriously to enhance features and strategize for the future. Begin establishing a reputation as a customer-focused company by not just responding to positive comments but also by addressing concerns and criticisms. This way, you not only create a more engaging and user-friendly experience but also let people know that you’re here, ready to listen and make improvements. 

Trend #18 One-word Branding   

Every day, we’re bombarded with tons of information, and our brains can’t keep up with long slogans. That’s why more and more brands are making their slogans super short, like just 2 or 3 words. Take Coca-Cola, for example. They used to say, “When Coca-Cola is a Part of Your Life, You Can’t Beat the Feeling,” but now it’s much simpler – “Real Magic.” The trick is to keep it easy, catchy, and straight to the point. Your slogan should still reflect what your product and company are all about. 

Trend #19 Another look at salary 

Many companies are exploring innovative payment types for their team members. Instead of just sticking to the traditional hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly wage based on the hours spent at work, they are also considering options like offering a portion of company shares or a percentage of the company’s revenue. This new trend proves to be a great opportunity to motivate people and get them genuinely excited about the company’s success. 

Trend #20 360-Degree Competence 

In a highly competitive market, it’s essential to highlight your expertise in 1-4 specific areas, rather than claiming your company can handle everything. Showcase your expertise by sharing well-constructed case studies, customer reviews, and social media engagement. Make sure to demonstrate your expertise in blog articles and email campaigns as well. The more you offer valuable information and demonstrate to potential customers that you’re truly a master at your work, the higher your chance of winning them as clients. 

Trend #21 Video’s Communication Takeover   

Video content is often more trustworthy than pictures or written formats, despite the risk of technologies like Deepfake potentially tarnishing the credibility of video communication. With such technologies, even Elvis could provide a product review for your company. Nevertheless, we believe that in 2024, this mode of communication will thrive, providing an excellent opportunity for your benefit. Connect with your employees and potential clients through engaging videos showcasing your success stories. Don’t forget about your current clients as well, as some may have never seen you in person; through video communication, you can bridge that gap and bring yourself a bit closer to them. Showcase your team on social media and let them share their thoughts as well. 

Trend #22 Parallel Development  

It’s becoming more common for clients to hire two different development teams for different parts of their projects. The idea is to see which team works better in terms of conditions, speed, and quality and then stick with the one that performs better. So, if your team exceeds the client’s expectations, you might get a larger share of the project or even become their go-to software development partner. 

Trend #23 Tech Chief Executives Taking the Sales Lead  

CEOs are often charismatic leaders with a strong vision for their company’s growth. Since they know their product inside out, we’re seeing more of them taking on the role of the main salesperson in the company. That’s why it’s important for CEOs to work on their pitching skills and feel confident when presenting their product to others. 

Trend #24 Tech’s Networking Wave 

In the tech world, finding customers mainly comes down to networking. But building a solid network isn’t just about attending meetings and events; it’s about having great communication skills and shaping a strong personal brand. Connect more with people, cultivate relationships with potential clients, grow your social media followers, and, of course, don’t overlook your family and friends. You never know where your next client might be hiding. 





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