How To Choose a Mobile Application Vendor and Not Fail?

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The demand for mobile apps is growing rapidly. Statistics show that in 2022 the Apple App Store has 1.96 million apps available for download, while the Google Play Store has 2.87 million.   

As you can see, the competition among mobile applications is incredibly high. Therefore, you need to approach the creation of your mobile application responsibly. 

2 Different Ways to Develop a Mobile App. Which One to Choose?

There are two main options for developing a mobile app: independently or with the involvement of a contractor.   

If you haven’t developed mobile applications before and don’t have relevant experience, it’s worth working with a contractor. Experienced mobile app developers know all the pitfalls and risks when planning a budget so that you can save your money and time.    

The decision is up to you when you have a reliable team of mobile application development experts. However, the contractor can still save your budget. 

How To Choose a Mobile Application Vendor and Not Fail?

Choosing the wrong mobile app developer can end up being a complete disaster, and instead of the planned mobile application, you can get a solution that does not work and costs a lot of your time and money.    

To avoid such a situation and choose the right mobile app developer, we recommend you pay attention to the following things: 

1. Team composition 

Creating a mobile application is not just a development process. This also applies to the excellent user interface. Therefore, make sure that the contractor’s team includes experts from various fields who can build your application from A to Z, including code, design, usability, and testing. 

2. Price justification 

Price shouldn’t be your main criterion in choosing a mobile app developer. But the price can tell you a lot about the contractor. For example, a mobile app developer with the lowest rate will likely take much longer on the project than a more experienced and expensive developer.  

A fixed price may be a signal to you about an unscrupulous vendor. The development of large products is difficult to estimate accurately from the beginning. Therefore, there is a possibility that the vendor will either ask for additional funds or lower the quality to match the price.  

Of course, the price will depend on the features and functionality of the mobile application, the choice of platform, technologies, design, etc. Therefore, discuss all the possibilities with your future partner and strive for the best price-quality ratio.  

You should never compromise on quality to keep costs down because a poorly designed app will cost you more in the long run! 

3. Time planning 

Developing a competitive mobile app that satisfies user requests takes time, so plan your work schedule carefully. Do not forget to ask potential partners about their mobile app development schedule and the format of communication between you.   

Important point! Work with developers who set realistic deadlines. Creating an application in a matter of hours should be another red flag for you. 

4. The latest technology set 

The success of mobile app development largely depends on the technology stack used for application development. If you want your app to be on the cutting edge, ask developers what major trends they are familiar with and what technologies they are currently working on. They can recommend ideas that could lead to the next big thing or at least to a more exciting, memorable, and modern app.

5. Portfolio 

When choosing a mobile application developer, you should familiarize yourself with their portfolio, including the best previous projects. Keep an eye on the mobile application’s quality, design, and interface because 60% of your app is about how a user interacts with it.  

6. Post-launch support is your guarantee  

Mobile operating systems are updated several times a year. Ask the mobile app developer if they can guarantee proper support when you need to update or change the product.   

When choosing a mobile app developer, you can also pay attention to the recommendations of friends or colleagues, and this will help save you time. 

5 Tips for Building an Effective Relationship with a Mobile App Developer

Here are some tips to help you communicate effectively with a mobile application vendor:  

  • You have to make an app developer fall in love with your project. To do this, describe your business process in as much detail as possible. Try to convince him, that this application will be a good addition to the portfolio. 
  • Appoint a person responsible for developing the mobile application from your side. This person should monitor deadlines and communicate with the contractor.      
  • Track progress together on regular meetings.  
  • Communication is a two-way street, so remember to listen. It is important to get feedback because it will allow you to evaluate the product and improve it critically. 
  • Last but not least, stick to the terms of your contract. You lay the foundation for further working relationships by concluding a clear contract. So, before both parties sign it, make sure everything is clear and reflects your wishes. 

JetSoftPro can help you choose the right mobile app developer and build your application as a mobile app development expert. Write to us for consultation. 

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