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Client Background

A startup launched a new approach to combine online and brick & mortar shopping, using geolocation to allow a shopper to use a mobile app to shop at nearby stores. It allows shoppers to view items in a store by connecting to a video stream from an in-store camera.

Business Challenge

Our task was to create a video stream prototype that allows a remote user to control an in-store camera. This functionality was built for e-commerce purposes. The main idea was that customers could choose products they need using the functions in their smartphones, without having to go into the shops.


In the prototype, one user acts as the “eyes” (camera), and the other user acts as a viewer (remote user/shopper). The viewer can observe and manipulate the camera. Additionally, the viewer has the possibility of sending real-time signals to the first user (“eyes”). The camera can move (up/down/left/right) and zoom (in and out) by the viewer.

Value delivered by JetSoftPro

  • Functional video stream prototype
  • Remote control for video stream

Project Details

Client’s Goals

Test the concept of remote camera control. A prototype was needed for a future mobile E-Commerce application. The core idea of the app was to make the processes of searching for goods in shops quicker and easier for both buyer and seller. In the new app, buyers would create requests using the video, which would make the search and buying process simpler.

Our team was to perform the following tasks:

  • Created video stream prototype
  • Implemented the remote control for the video stream (moving and zooming camera)

Technical implementation

We created a prototype within a week with all needed functionality. It could send commands to the camera for how to move, zoom automatically, and select a target by tapping the screen. To complete the task our team took an existing real-time SDK and wrapped it into a mobile Xamarin-based prototype. The two options tested were ooVoo and IceLink. As a result, we chose IceLink, because it had the required version for the Xamarin platform.

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