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Speakers For Schools EdTech platform


United Kingdom


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Client Background

This unique project was created for state-maintained secondary schools,  colleges, and academies in the UK. JetSoftPro helped to develop software for this eLearning platform. 

Business Challenge

In Great Britain, there is a huge inequality in the field of education in fee-paying and state schools. Access to prestigious networks and engaging with influential people who can share their knowledge is available only for the top fee-paying schools.Public schools, academies, and colleges might place job seeker day to provide students with internship offers or ask some influencers to read a lecture, but this can happen occasionally.

So, there was a huge need for a solution to put young people in touch with the very best to spark their ambitions and belief in the future.


JetSoftPro team created Speakers for Schools, a social mobility charity solution that helps millions of students within the UK access the same benefits available to the top fee-paying schools to pursue their ambitions and broaden their horizons.

Value delivered by JetSoftPro

  • Access to virtual talks by influential speakers from various fields
  • A free library of video recordings of the speeches of today's influential figures
  • Intuitive UI/UX design

Project Details

Client’s Goals

JetSoftPro developed, maintained and supported 3 different products, that are the part of the large Speakers for Schools platform:

  • Experience Rebuild. This program connects state school students with leading companies and network support partners, helping to level the playing field for young people of all backgrounds. ​
  • Youth Card. A personalized mobile App that brings work experience, inspirational talks, and discounts into the hands of young people across the UK. This app has Inspiration program, a free library of video recordings of the speeches of today's influential figures.
  • The Identity Server. Platform that stores all information of students, employees, or educators.

Technical implementation

The workflow was divided into 2 directions: product maintenance & new development. The team practiced Scrum to ensure a quick user feedback cycle and ongoing improvements. ​ ​The process of recruitment, knowledge transfer, team integration, and performance control remained on our side for the high-quality services to be guaranteed. ​ JetSoftPro team created an application for IOS and Android and two web platforms to achieve the client's goals. ​ The functionality of the application was developed on the Xamarin platform and .Net, strictly due to the client's requirements and descriptions. For web platforms, we used Angular. ​

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