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Client Background

Our client is a US company specializing in the installation, renovation, and maintenance of climate control equipment, both heating and cooling. The company’s business model involves working with numerous equipment service specialists who receive orders from the company. In this regard, the client requested from JetSoftPro a software development of a project management solution that would allow them to optimize internal logistical processes and improve service quality.

Business Challenge

JetSoftPro analyzed the client’s needs for a comprehensive project management solution that includes various functions to properly manage all day-to-day operational work. Then we commenced software development under immense time pressure. An additional challenge was that the product was to go live in 3 months, even though the system only had prebuilt basic functionality. Additionally, the client requested the inclusion of integration with QuickBooks and the setup of synchronization.


JetSoftPro created a project management software solution that includes functionality for operations managers, sales representatives, account managers, and equipment service specialists. This solution allows for the full cycle of contract management, project management, invoice generation, and payment procedures.


Value delivered by JetSoftPro

  • Significant reduction in errors and lost tasks
  • Convenient platform with easy onboarding for new workers
  • In-depth analytics of business processes

Technical implementation

The core of the JetSoftPro's software development solution consists of Node.js for the backend and React for the frontend. AWS Cloud Services are used to build a proper and qualitative architectural part of the product. Mobile apps are built on Xamarin, which helps in simultaneously releasing updates for both platforms. A variety of microservices ensures the rapid, frequent, and reliable delivery of large, complex applications.

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