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Client Background

Our client is an expert in the field of finance and cryptocurrency.

Business Challenge

Over 300 million people worldwide use or own cryptocurrencies, and approximately $112 billion is traded in cryptocurrency daily. To compete in this vast market, our client requested a mobile payment solution for money transfer, enabling customers to use cryptocurrencies to pay without transaction limits and manage their contracts.


JetSoftPro team created Crypto Bank. This mobile solution uses Blockchain technology and supports two cryptocurrencies and a real money convector process.
Three payment methods were implemented: nickname transfer, QR code, NFC. Required functionality was built into an existing Blockchain SDK. ​

Value delivered by JetSoftPro

  • Functional blockchain-based application
  • Security and Safety
  • Best Practice Development

Project Details

Key Project Features

Client WPF application with:


  • Geth as network interface
  • Geth as account storage 
  • WPF as User Interface 
  • Git client as document storage interface 

Two nodes on Azure with: 

  • Ubuntu Virtual Machines 
  • Geth as network interface 
  • Geth running in mining mode 

Technical implementation

We used NBitcoin, a Bitcoin library for the .NET platform, for this solution. ​For backend API development, our team used C#, and for iOS and Android mobile UI development Xamarin.Forms. ​

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