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JetMessage: AI-personalized automated outreach for lead generation




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Client Background

JetSoftPro is improving communication with potential clients and outbound marketing process using cutting-edge software and the newest technologies, including artificial intelligence. We were looking to add hyper-personalization to automated outreach, and we developed a solution that allows us to achieve this goal. 

Business Challenge

Our task was to develop and test an AI-based Chrome extension that enables sales professionals of JetSoftPro to generate personalized inquiries to potential clients automatically.  

The AI extension should use natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyze our potential leads’ profiles on social media and recommend the best message templates to use for reaching out to specific individuals and offer them our software development services.   


We developed a Chrome Extension named JetMessage, which is based on OpenAI tools. JetMessage analyzes the profiles of potential clients, their background, experience related to software development, current outsourcing needs, and formulates outreach message sequences based on the information obtained. The level of personalization in outreach is comparable to that of a skilled human. 

Value delivered by JetSoftPro

  • Hyper-personalized automated outreach
  • Reducing the time for in-depth analysis of client profiles
  • Creative offers for any type of potential clients

Project Details

JetMessage can be adjusted to any outreach strategy and process for software development company selling outsourcing or for any other business. We tested it in the following sequence: 


  • First, it identifies three weaknesses or problems that our potential clients have and that can be solved with JetSoftPro’s help;
  • Then, it generates the hyper-personalized outreach message that can be copied and sent to the potential client, or, if necessary, can be edited by a salesperson. 

Technical implementation

JetSoftPro developers created a plugin that collects information from social media accounts and sends it to an AI algorithm for analysis and processing. The algorithm, based on OpenAI tools, can generate the message in up to 10 seconds. The software solution by JetSoftPro is completely secure, we do not disclose any information to third parties. The processing of the collected information takes place directly within our solution.

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