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VR training solution for complex industrial machinery




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Client Background

Our client from Germany needed to create a VR training solution for their clients to help them learn how to operate complex industrial machinery. JetSoftPro was involved as a software development service provider.


Business Challenge

Our client faced a significant challenge in training their staff and the staff of their clients to operate complex industrial machinery. The old ways of training weren’t sufficient because they didn’t simulate dangerous situations or machine problems. This resulted in longer training times, higher costs, and increased risk of injury or damage to equipment. JetSoftPro’s task was to develop an innovative VR training solution to train the staff and help them be prepared for potentially risky situations.


JetSoftPro developed a VR-based training software solution that can be used by trainees and trainers located in different parts of the world. Our solution provides a highly realistic simulation of the equipment and the environment, enabling trainees to operate the equipment as if they were in a real-life scenario.
In addition, we developed a separate observer application that can be run on a PC, in a web browser, or on mobile, allowing you to see the whole training process, communicate with both trainer and trainee and interact with specific locations scenes.


Value delivered by JetSoftPro

  • A multiplayer and multiplatform feature
  • Intuitive and consistent UI/UX design
  • Real-time communication
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