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EV Charging Platform




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Client Background

The digital platform is a game-changer in this market by connecting Electric Vehicle drivers to energy sellers, allowing rapid deployment of charging infrastructure and facilitating optimal flows of electric charging and financial transactions.

Business Challenge

There is a challenge in developing Electric Charging networks fast enough to support the needs of the quickly growing Electric Vehicles market.
How energy is supplied and traded must also be optimized to allow for simple and efficient value transfer between traders and consumers. So, the idea is to build long-term logistics for the hot market segment and set the principles for its stable functioning.​


We created the Digital Platform connecting Energy Traders with Facility Owners and Electric Vehicle Drivers, allowing rapid deployment of the charging infrastructure, facilitating optimal flows of electric charging and financial transactions, and providing convenience for drivers. ​
​The solution aims to grow into a digital ecosystem changing the current interoperability in the global EV Charging market. ​

Value delivered by JetSoftPro

  • Expanding the deployment of charging infrastructure
  • Simplification of financial transactions
  • Facilitating communication between energy traders, facility owners, and EV drivers

Project Details

The main elements of the EV Charging Platform:

  • Cloud-based platform handling charging flows and financial transactions ​
  • Charging Network operations handling using Open Charge Point Protocol ​
  • Integrations with payment service providers ​
  • Mobile and Web Applications for Electric Vehicle Drivers, Facility Owners, and Energy Traders

Technical implementation

We used React and React Bootstrap ​​for Web Applications and Flutter with native plugins for Mobile App. For platform architecture, we applied Microservices for the Backend charging station management system, OCPP integrations, and EVSE events handling. We also ​used highly available scalable & secure cloud-based infrastructure​ and payment service provider integration​. ​

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