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Client Background

CreatorIQ is the engine powering impactful creator marketing for the world’s most innovative and iconic brands. This software solution, developed by JetSoftPro, includes advanced data science and analytics, industry-leading measurement standards, and customizable metrics to meet the distinct needs of different businesses.

Business Challenge

The platform is built on a brilliant system of metrics and indicators that help promote businesses through influencers. As the market where CreatorIQ operates is highly competitive, our client approached us with a request to enhance the system and take it to a new level with software that can offer more features than competitors and will be difficult to surpass. Therefore, the company needed a unique platform for managing and optimizing creator-driven campaigns at scale using social media. JetSoftPro proposed a multi-level software development service to address this task for CreatorIQ.


JetSoftPro developed a SaaS platform that seamlessly helps agencies, media companies, and brands execute their branded content campaigns through the software solution. A part of the platform is a CRM system and dashboard that allow users to monitor the effectiveness of each campaign. It also enables accurate prediction and planning of the campaign’s revenue. This elegant software development solution is successfully operating in the international market.

Value delivered by JetSoftPro

  • Comprehensive marketing campaigns management platform
  • Convenient dashboard to monitor and plan campaigns
  • Ability for customers to predict revenue

Technical implementation

The software for the platform was developed by JetSoftPro using React, Angular, Marionette, Backbone, PHP, Python, and Node.js. We required a reliable cloud environment, so we utilized AWS to store and process data with a high level of availability and scalability for this type of project. The project was extensive, and we also utilized Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket to define iterative requirements, plan team work, control versioning, and integrate with communication channels. ​

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