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Self-Sovereign Finance Service​


Switzerland ​


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Client Background

Our client needed to create a stable self-sovereign finance system that would allow its users to access the liquidity of their assets without selling them, draw interest-free loans against crypto, and have no need for credit approvals from third parties.​

Business Challenge

The client asked us to develop a unified, stable, and secure solution that will allow individuals and businesses to get complete control over their cryptocurrencies and blockchain tokens. ​


With the help of on-chain, non-custodian, and decentralized borrowing protocol focused on launching and operating a blockchain Euro-pegged algorithmic stable currency (bEUR), our platform will be able to protect users and keep business fair and transparent. This solution will also allow their users to use third-party blockchain ERC20 tokens like wrapped Bitcoin, wrapped Ether, Alliance Block Token (ALBT), and Energy Web Token (EWT).​

Value delivered by JetSoftPro

  • Digital Business Transformation
  • Stable and secure solutions
  • Independent finance system
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