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AR For Design And Construction


United States


UI/UX Design


Software Product Development
Digital Business Transformation
QA & Testing
Integration Services


Android & Xamarine

Client Background

A mobile application for rendering 3D models on specific image targets for a client from United States.

Business Challenge

The JetSoftPro team was involved in the Development process. Our primary challenge was to implement Augmented Reality application using Unity + Vuforia  Engine. 


We created a mobile application for rendering 3D models on specific image targets. You can use it to recognize and complement printed media and product packaging for marketing campaigns, gaming, and visualizing products in the environment where the product was intended. 

Technical implementation

We built the solution based on Vuforia Engine, which can detect and track any images by its Image Targets. Unlike traditional fiducial markers, data matrix codes, and QR codes, Image Targets do not need particular black-and-white regions or codes to be recognized. The Engine detects and tracks the natural features in the image by comparing these natural features against a known target resource database. Once the Image Target is caught, Vuforia Engine will track the image as long as it is partially in the camera’s field of view. ​ ​ ​

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