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AI Powered Fitness App


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Client Background

Our client requested the development of an application for people who care about their health and manage their time rationally. The main task was to create an opportunity for a unique experience for each user with the help of an AI personal trainer.

Business Challenge

Being healthy is a hot trend these days, so it’s no wonder that there are so many fitness apps out there. They all offer a variety of workout programs or recordings, healthy recipes, and more. ​
However, to choose the right training program or nutrition plan, it is necessary to assess the state of a person’s health. And this is possible thanks to artificial intelligence. ​


We have created an app with a personal AI-powered fitness assistant. Thanks to the ability of AI to analyze health indicators, metabolism, sleep patterns, and lifestyle, each user can receive a customized fitness program. ​
​An app can synchronize with smartwatches, and users can get a full report on their energy consumption. ​

Value delivered by JetSoftPro

  • User-friendly and clear UI/UX
  • Security solution
  • Personal AI powered fitness assistant
  • A unique opportunity to monitor the health of users

Project Details

Client’s Goals

With this AI powered fitness app, users can:

  • monitor vital signs in real-time and nutrition;
  • choose the best set of exercises for their goals;
  • share statistics on all social networks and create sports competitions with friends. 

Technical implementation

We learned the watch SDT and created two-way communication between the application and the smartwatch. ​We also involved artificial intelligence technologies that allowed the program to communicate with app users, analyze their health indicators, and select personalized training. ​

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