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A Project Management Platform POST


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Client Background

This application is a project management platform to find the best match for a specific work case quickly and easily. 

Created for the companies that require highly-proficient contractors and technicians for a wide range of industries. ​​

Business Challenge

There was always quite challenging to have a complete vision and control of contractors’ performance. It also requires additional accountancies to check how many hours technicians worked and how much they should be paid.​
Companies used several solutions that served different purposes, separate for management, tracking, accounting, and payment that couldn’t be synchronized, which was quite uncomfortable and might lead to some mistakes. Therefore, there was a high need to create a solution combining everything within one platform.


We created a platform that simplified work for both employer and contractor. On the one hand, the employer manages and reviews the contractor’s performance and, as a result, pays for the work they have done, and on the other, the employee could review job requirements and report their work when completed. 

This platform includes a customer management portal where users can review work process execution in real-time, comment, update, and accept it.

Value delivered by JetSoftPro

  • Complete vision and control of contractors' performance
  • Simplifying work for both the employer and the contractor
  • Quick and easy search for the best option for a specific work case

Technical implementation

POST is a mobile and web solution used for interface integration to work with subcontractors based on the CRM system Salesforce. ​ This app has the WEB part (the front-end part is on Angular, and the Back-end part uses Amazon services with Amplify framework and JavaScript and Python ). ​ Also, POST has a cross-platform mobile app written on Xamarin. ​ ​The product's main aim and development result were to create a user-friendly interface for the users and with Salesforce integration. ​ Data for subcontractors that were previously registered in POST came from Salesforce. The solution allows uploading photos or videos to confirm that the job is done, log spent time and additional costs related to the current assignment; and send this info to Salesforce. ​

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