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Do you understand the importance of choosing the right software development process and provider for your projects? A poor decision can have dire consequences

JetSоftPro is a software development firm that helps businesses develop their digital future via outsourcing. We will provide a better result compared with your doing the work in-house or hiring a cut-rate development company. Let us explain why.

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Each business facing the challenges of process optimization and digitalization has two options

Hire and build an internal development team
Outsource the work

You may have already compared the general advantages and disadvantages of these approaches, but here are some important points to consider:

For 90% of clients, in-house development costs more money than outsourcing

The reason is simple:

  • Higher wage rates
  • Inaccurate project estimation
  • Inefficient project execution

Have you tried working like this? Here’s what it can look like:

You hire a stripped-down team of 3 developers and a PM. Then you add your internal specialists who, unfortunately, have insufficient bandwidth to work well on the project. You might think that this hybrid of adding a few outsourced developers to your internal staff would be less costly than hiring a full outsourced team. But that’s not the case.

Why? Because you have an imbalanced team that does not work well together. You get slow development and poor quality at a higher cost than necessary.

Unless you are an experienced expert at building teams, do-it-yourself can be a money losing proposition.

Want to try a better approach?

Let us calculate the cost of three project alternatives for you:

  • Full team outsourcing where we do everything…no shortcuts
  • Outsourcing with a reduced list of provided services
  • Outstaffing in which we provide the resources and you provide the project management.
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Your person responsible for hiring outsourced developers may be good at software development but weak at finding the right people

Your person doing the team hiring is an HR professional but lacks the technical chops to pick the right resources.

The right person to build a tech team has an uncommon skill; it is an acquired expertise. You may not have this expert in your company. No worries. Speak with us. We’ve been there, done that, and are waving our hands.

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We previously onboarded two development agencies that unfortunately didn't meet our goals and expectations, so we decided to move forward and look for a different team. JetSoftPro was one of the companies we shortlisted after a diligent research and vetting process. We liked their clear-cut approach and saw their genuine interest in building our product, thus, we hired them as an extension of our team.

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Let us calculate how much to spend on a development team that will meet your expectations. Let us explain what you should do, and should not do, given your budget.

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Picking an outsourcing provider is not easy unless you are a pro

There is nothing simple about it unless you have been working with outsourcers for 10 years. If a shop promises you a quick and easy solution for a perfect team to create your project, it is likely bogus.

We have a history of doing it the right way and are responsible from end-to-end. We take on the risks, and you get a partner you can trust.

Let's calculate how much such a one-stop-shop approach costs.

Collaboration with JetSoftPro is very clear

Have a talk with our managers and they will explain where to start and how to best set-up the project.

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