The Free JSP Guide: All About Marketing Budget for Tech Startups


Can you promote a tech startup without an investor or much money of your own? Yes, JetSoftPro is here to assist you!

We’ve developed a 100% free e-book to help you master the art of budgeting for successful startup marketing. This comprehensive guide is based on our extensive experience in marketing technology startups.

In this free guide you will find:

  • Expert advice on understanding your marketing goal;
  • Insights on calculating your initial marketing budget;
  • Tips for allocating your budget across various marketing channels;
  • Recommendations for tools and software to stay competitive;
  • Case studies and real-world examples to enhance Your marketing budget strategies;
  • And much more…

By the end of this journey, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge needed to optimize your marketing spend.

Download the JSP E-Book “All About Marketing Budget for Tech Startups” now for free and start optimizing your marketing budget, reaching your target audience, and driving growth for your startup today!

Moreover, you can enhance your knowledge about marketing budgets for startups by joining us on our YouTube livestream on November 9th.

Our expert speaker, Lina Sivura, Head of Marketing at JetSoftPro, will share some useful tips on how to effectively market your tech startup without breaking the bank. You can start applying these strategies today, even to attract potential investors.

JetSoftPro is specializing in providing customized marketing solutions for businesses across various industries.

With JetSoftPro, you’ll receive marketing support at every stage of your product, from idea pitch to post-launch marketing. For more information about our process, contact us: JetSoftPro | Custom Technology Solutions & Software Development.

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