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PADIOI Mobile App for Barbershops


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Client Background

The idea behind X+ is not new. All the founders share a passion for technology and innovation, and they went through personal situations where their lives were limited. The greatest trigger to accelerate it may have been the COVID-19 lockdown, which impacted and limited so many people’s lives. The team said ,“Why don’t we have X+ live? Our friends and family are asking for it. We know so many people would be impacted positively”. That’s when the client decided to push it forward.

Business Challenge

Create a complex appointment app for client’s luxurious barbershop where users can check each barber’s profile, popularity, list of services, pricing, choose one or multiple services and make an appointment for a convenient day and time.


We developed an application for iOS and Android from scratch. It allows users to make an appointment for a barbershop with the selected service, barber and date of appointment. Users have the opportunity to view all records of services and barbers with their detailed information, rate barbers; place an order, edit or cancel it.

Value delivered by JetSoftPro

  • UI/UX design
  • Complex Solution
  • Technical Consulting
  • Innovative Approach in the Development

Product Overview

Client’s Goals

Client’s main goal was to create a complex solution for his Barbershop so that end users would have the best user experience.

Pad IOI Barbershop is a mobile platform for barbers and clients modernizing the barbershop experience.



• Invite your clients & manage your client list

• Keep all your appointments organized in one place

Set your location and availability to get discovered by new clients & grow your business



•  Find your barber or discover new ones

•  View available services and sort them by specific filters

•  Book appointment with barber

•  Add barbers to favorites to keep them in profile

Features and functionality we add to the application:

  • General admin and admins (barbers) can check & manage their schedules using a custom Admin panel with advance calendar
  • The app also includes bonus system: each user gets bonuses for timely arrival to his/her appointment which are accumulated and then converted into free services or discounts
  • Likewise, the app notifies admins about specials events in customers’ lives: birthday, wedding anniversary, so the General Admin can present a customer with some discount or free service on such special dates. The customer will get notified about such present by the app

Technical implementation

The application was developed using cross-platform Xamarin Forms for iOS and Android. The functionality of the application was created with PHP (Laravel). Team composition: 1 Xamarin developer, 1 PHP developer, 1 QA, 1 PM

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