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Front-end for Mobile E-Commerce Application




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Client Background

A startup launched a new approach combining online and bricks & mortar shopping, utilizing geolocation to allow a shopper to use a mobile app to shop a nearby store.

It notifies the stores that there is a potential buyer nearby, helps them to analyze the potential of engagement, and allows them to present offers relating to what the shoppers are looking for.

Business Challenge

The task was to develop the Front-End. The core capability of the app had to be a quick and straightforward exchange of requests and offers between the buyers and the stores. The requests and offers contain short messages, photographs and voice records.


We delivered the first release of the application for Android in a short period of time. It allowed our client to launch MVP and gain user feedback very quickly.

Value delivered by JetSoftPro

  • Cross-platform Android and iOS applications tailored for E-Commerce
  • Implementation of Google services to create audio and photo messages
  • Intuitive and consistent UI/UX design

Product Overview

Client’s Goals

Our client’s need was the creation of a mobile application for E-Commerce. The core task was to make the processes of searching, matching and exchanging information quicker and easier for both buyer and seller. The process for creating the buyers’ requests was simplified. In the new app, buyers could create their requests from short messages, photographs, or audio records in the selected category of goods.

Our team was to perform the following tasks:

  • Created the front-end to improve the user experience of the application
  • Designed a responsive mobile application for different devices (Android and iOS)
  • Improved the performance of the trading process

Technical implementation

The MvvmCross framework was used to reduce coding duplication for Android and iOS platforms. Google services were used to supplement the main functionality - searching for the nearby stores, cropping images, etc. This made it easy for buyers to create the requests. They just needed to type, record a voice or take a picture of any product in a selected category. Then the sellers of a chosen category were notified about the requests.

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