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The world of digital development is a vast and diverse one, with innovations happening on a daily basis. The job market for developers is booming across the globe, yet there are not enough talented developers to fill all positions. Recruiters can find themselves feeling overwhelmed when looking for qualified candidates because the field is so broad. We have compiled this list of five tips that will help you find an exceptional developer candidate.

Let’s start from the very beginning.

Tech companies are quite alike and have similar clients, but they can’t easily find talent that aligns with what they need. Your brand, values, and people really make you unique for potential employees. If you don’t build your employer brand someone else will do it for you – very likely not in the way that works best for your company. Don’t forget that this is what talented developers value more than just money, so if you will forget about company branding and value you can bring to your employee, keep in my that there is always another company waiting to scoop them up!

If you’re using ATS or some other recruitment tool, you’ll have already approached potential candidates. Keep in touch with them – even if you don’t have a role that suits their expectations or professional skills at the moment. It might change any time, so building long time relations may help you grab their attention more easily when new opportunities arise.

Don’t be too strict. You need to be aware of trends and always eager to try new things. To catch the attention of the hiring manager, you won’t be able to just do everything by the book; you’ll have to flex your creative muscles as well. Don’t take it too far though or else you might find yourself photoshopping Elon Musk in your office waiting for a React JS developer candidate who doesn’t exist yet!

Automate as much of your operations as possible. Even if it is not cheap, you will save a lot of money and time in the long run. You have to live on your ATS; that means making sure everything is up-to-date, analyzed, and used effectively for improvement.

Don’t forget to reply to every candidate you’ve reached out to, even those who are not a good fit or don’t have the right skills or experience for this position. They might find your company interesting in the future and want to apply.

Host an exceptional event. It’s a great hiring approach to have a slew of brilliant individuals under your roof. Developers are typically private, so if you can meet them in person, you’ll be miles ahead. The technical community revolves around an offline “Meetup” and event system when they aren’t coding. Engineers, like other professionals, enjoy meeting and sharing ideas with their peers. These events may pay big dividends if you play it right.

There’s no pitching, and that should tell you everything. Your company isn’t the only thing on people’s minds right now; they’re also concerned about the economy, advertising costs, their jobs, and more. People are there to meet other interesting individuals, not to learn more about your business goals.

Look for recommendations from your professional network. Because IT professionals, on average, change jobs every three to four years, this is often a good beginning in the hiring process. And, as always, building a team of committed developers who you know and whose relevant expertise is undoubtedly is the best alternative available.

Hopefully, these recommendations will help you in your future hiring processes. But if you have any more queries, do not hesitate to ask us.

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